Easy Ways to Manage Your Messy Computer Wires

Managing the wires in and around a computer can be a chore. Just when it seems you have it all taken care of, you find that you missed a cord or even wrapped up a cord that was supposed to be loose. Later, you go back to make a change and the tightly bundled cords are indistinguishable from one another. There are some easy solutions for managing the tangled mess of computer wires, both inside and outside of your computer.

Inside the Computer

Modern high-powered computers have more cables than ever before. Multiple hard drives and optical drives, card readers, external USB ports and any number of other things all have their own cables. These cables can restrict airflow, allow dust to collect and cause overheating. Organizing the wires and ribbons inside of your computer can help prevent overheating, while making it easier to add hardware upgrades or remove dust.

  • Wrapped IDE Cables: If you are using IDE drives, then the big ribbon cables take up a lot of space. Most cable companies offer pre-wrapped ribbon cables that are as big around as a thick marker. These round cables will free up a lot of room.
  • Go Behind the Motherboard: Small cables can easily slide behind the motherboard. If your case has a motherboard tray, then larger cables can slide beneath it. In both of these cases, make sure the cable can move freely; you don't want to cause excess wear.
  • Spiral Wrap: Many computer companies offer a spiral wrap into which many cables will fit. These wraps are like a long, thin piece of plastic that have been machine-twisted into a spiral. You can put cables in and take them out, without unwrapping the entire bundle.

Most importantly, the cords inside your computer should not be pulled too hard or crammed together. Improper organization of your cords could result in abnormal wear on your computer, which will have you looking for new electrical wire harnesses.

Outside the Computer

Cleaning up cables outside the computer is much easier than inside, but it is just as important. Keeping people from tripping on or pulling computer wires, as well as keeping kids and pets away from them is paramount to home or business safety. There are several options you can use to help clean up and organize the cords around your computer.

  • Label Your Cords: Always label cords on both ends. That way, when you need to unplug or move something, you know exactly what is what.??
  • Shorten Long Cables: Take long cords and roll them up, then bind them. Make sure that the cord isn't wound too tightly, as this can damage the cable. If it seems to spring out, unwind it a little bit.??
  • Use Fabric Fastener Straps: Secure the wound bundles and groups of cords with fabric fastener straps. That way if you want to remove a wire or unwind some slack, it is easy to unwrap then rewrap your cables.

Like the inside of your computer, you never want a cord pulling tightly on its socket. That is an easy way to damage the socket and the cable. In addition, don't use single-use zip cords, unless you have no alternative. Zip cords need to be cut with every change, which is dangerous for the cables and annoying for you.