Tree-Cutting Services

A tree-cutting service will cut and remove dead trees from a property.

A tree-cutting service is typically used for removing large or dead trees. Tree specialists may cut down as many as a 1,000 trees during a month. Since removing trees requires a good deal of skill and knowledge, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before hiring a tree-cutting service to remove trees on your property.


An estimate is a written description of the work that the tree-cutting service will perform and how much it will cost. Since prices can vary from one contractor to the next, it is generally a good idea to get two or more estimates to establish a reasonable price for this type of service. Some things to discuss with the contractor should include: The price for cutting the trees, tree removal, cleanup and whether the removal of remaining tree stumps are part of the initial cost.

Insurance and Bonding

Insurance and bonding for a tree-cutting service typically cover three things. The insurance should cover any damage that might occur during the tree cutting or cleanup process. A part of this policy will generally also cover the contractor’s employees, should they become hurt while working on your property. A bond generally ensures that the contractor will perform the job satisfactorily and to the specifications established in the contract.


After a price is agreed upon, a contract is drawn up in writing that explains in detail the work that the tree-cutting service will perform for a set price. The homeowner agrees to pay the tree-cutting service once the work is finished. Both parties should keep copies of the contract.


A reputable tree-cutting service generally won’t ask for payment before a job is complete. Some less-than-reputable companies may. Unless an agreement is made in advance that a payment is due once a portion of the work is complete, the homeowner should never agree to pay any amount up front or before the work and cleanup are complete.

Additional Services

A tree-cutting service may offer stump grinding and tree topping as additional services. Stump grinding consists of removing the stump with a machine that cuts into the wood and grinds the wood into smaller pieces. Tree topping is the removal of limbs from the upper part of a tree. Tree topping is generally done when a homeowner does not want to lose the tree, but it has become too big and may interfere with power lines or another tree. This method of tree cutting is also recommended when there is potential for storm damage or the direction in which the tree is growing needs to be changed.