Tree-Cutting Companies

Tree cutting companies have access to tools, equipment and personnel prepared for tough jobs.

Tree-cutting companies provide more than simple tree cutting services. They also provide you with the opportunity to protect and improve your property. Whether by planting, pruning, maintaining or removing trees, professional arborists have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for the task. Horticulturists agree that well maintained trees improve a home’s property value; hiring a licensed and professional tree-cutting company to perform the necessary maintenance will save you from incurring injuries as well as property damage.


A good tree-cutting company will help ensure that future trees will not have to be removed. Before planting your next tree, consult a certified arborist who will evaluate the intended plot’s soil, light and growing conditions. With their extensive knowledge, arborists provide insight into the healthiest tree choices for your area and are capable of planting trees without incident. Good planning is one way to prevent future problems, such as excessive shade or weak roots.


Tree limbs rub against power lines, grow densely against other branches, become diseased and block light — and they also die. Pruning growth is part of a regular maintenance plan that will result in healthier trees and a livable yard and garden. Excess or dead foliage reduces light, which can contribute to overly shady patios and lackluster ground plants, flowers and vegetation. Tree-cutting service personnel safely remove dead limbs, clearing and thinning excess vegetation to provide more light to the ground below.


Braces, trusses and cables are some methods by which sentimental homeowners can preserve their large and aging trees. Before calling in a tree-cutting company, ask if the company has experience in preserving trees, and what methods they can bring to bear. Many certified companies have extensive tree anatomy knowledge along with personnel capable of sustaining your tree’s life.


Not all trees can be saved. Trees that creak in the breeze, have cracked and damaged trunks or have suffered from disease need to come down safely before they crash down in an accident. Tree-cutting companies have the equipment necessary for performing such operations. As a bonus, their chainsaws are not only good for cutting down trees but also for dissecting fallen trees into more manageable pieces. Most tree service companies haul away and clear debris.


Tree-cutting companies offer services beyond trunk and limb removal. Ask your tree-cutting company how it intends to remove your tree’s stump: Stumps are notoriously difficult to remove. Natural decomposition can take years or decades, and in the meantime the stump discolors grass and creates dead spots in lawns and gardens. Although enzymatic treatments can jump-start and speed up natural decomposition, these treatments are not always effective, sometimes requiring multiple applications.

Creative homeowners hollow out stumps and fill them with soil and flowers or transform them into sculptures.

Risk-taking homeowners attempt to remove stumps by chaining them to the backs of pickups, ATVs and even horses. Uprooting stumps in this manner damages the lawn and creates depressions in the landscape.

Dangerous stump removal methods include burning the stump or using explosives.

Tree-service companies that provide stump grinding services seem to be a positive alternative. Specialized equipment wears stumps away until they are at level with or slightly below the ground, then soil and sod can easily conceal the stump.