Where Can I Buy Metal Roofing Materials?

A metal roof has many advantages over other types.

A metal roof offers many advantages to homeowners. Installation is quick. Metal shingles or sheets are significantly lighter than conventional roofing, allowing them to be installed where other roofing might not work. Metal resists fire, mildew, mold, insects and rot. A properly installed metal roof is stable against wind, snow and rain. Metal sheets or shingles can be purchased in a variety of colors and will last 20 to 50 years.

Home Improvement Center

Most big retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, have metal roofing in stock at all times. If you need a large amount, you may need to order it in advance. Check for available colors and styles. If you need help determining how much roofing you need, salespeople can assist you. Size of the roof is one factor, but you must also take overlap and eaves into consideration.

Lumber Yard

Lumber yards carry a variety of metal roofing options. How much they have on hand will depend on the size of the business. To choose a nonstandard color or style, ask to see a catalog. Turnaround time on such orders is usually fairly quick, so you can expect your materials to arrive within a few days.


Online specialty stores carry more metal roofing options than you will find elsewhere. Some of these stores have knowledgeable representatives available to help you with your purchase, while others do not. Companies such as Best Buy Metals and Omega Roof offer nationwide sales and shipping. Orders are sent by truck directly to your home. Shipping costs are based on the size of your order and your location. Check with the company for specific information.

Roofing manufacturers such as Gulf Coast Supply have product websites. In many cases, you can buy from them directly, resulting in better prices. Some manufacturing companies deal only with wholesale buyers. In that case, you will be directed to a local distributor. If direct purchase is an option, check the company’s shipping policy, as your order may be combined with other orders or sent to a dealer in your area. A combined shipment will save you money over having your roofing sent individually.

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