How to Repair a Dent on a Car Roof

Large hail stones can put dents in the roof of your car.

Hail, branches and kids are just some of the things that can put dents in the roof of your car. If the dent is very large or the metal is creased, you may need to have it repaired at a body shop. They are often fairly small and not difficult to fix.

Step 1 – Drill a hole 1/16 inch in diameter in the middle of the dent. Insert the metal screw into the hole.

Step 2 – Grab the screw with the pliers and pull it straight up. The metal will pop out, removing most of the dent. If the dent it on a side panel or sloped area of the roof, pull at a 90-degree angle from the roof.

Step 3 – Rough up the area in and around the dent using fine sandpaper in combination with a wet sponge. (The sandpaper should be of a type made for wet sanding.) Sand down to the bare metal in the center, but feather it out from there. You should not be able to tell one part from another when you feel it. Wipe it clean with the wet sponge and allow it to dry.

Step 4 – Fill the damaged area with body putty. Smooth it out to fill the entire area. Don’t overfill. Allow it to dry per label instructions.

Step 5 – Sand again, using the wet sanding technique described in step 3. The putty should be even with the surface of the roof. The transition from putty to metal should feel seamless when you run your hand over it.

Step 6 – Apply primer and allow it to dry. Wet-sand enough to remove any gloss from the primer.

Step 7 – Paint the spot with auto paint that matches the original color of your roof. Allow it to dry, then wet-sand a final time with 1000-grit sandpaper. Rub the spot with auto rubbing compound until it shines.

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