Eliminate Air Bubbles in Your Window Tinting

Did you just get your car windows tinted? Are you already starting to spot bubbles appearing within the tinted surface? Bubbles in your window tinting can be distracting, and they can quickly turn the attractive tint into a bumpy disaster. Don't fret. You can fix your window tinting all on your own using some simple tools and cheap tricks.


The first step you can take in eliminating those pesky bubbles is to allow your car to sit in direct sunlight for a while. Doing so will warm up the windows, making the tint more malleable. The adhesive actually softens, which will allow you to lift the tint off the windows without tearing it. Be sure the weather is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to allow enough heat to penetrate the adhesive. Another trick if you lack sunlight is to use a hairdryer, but the tint may cool faster. In this case, just be very careful that the area you are working with is heated well.

Spray Bottle and Water

Another important tool to help remove bubbles from window tinting is a spray bottle filled with cold water. Using a light spray, cover the bubbly area with water. This will allow a chemical change to occur between the adhesive, the heat and the cold water. The adhesive will loosen just enough to allow movement of the tinting. Remember to use a light spray so that you do not over-soak the tint. If you over-soak the tint, the challenge of keeping the tint in place will become very frustrating. ??

Safety Pin

When it comes time to actually attack the air bubbles, you might want to use one of the most common household items around: the safety pin. Believe it or not, a simple safety pin with a good, sharp point can become your best tool in poking and popping those unsightly air bubbles. Although it might seem fun to go on a popping spree, you must be very careful and steady when popping the bubbles. Use a straight-on approach to pop the bubbles. If you pop from under or over the bubble, the window tinting is likely to tear. If you see bubbles clumped together, be sure to pop each individual one to prevent more bubbling when rubbing the tint out. Due to fast drying from the sun, the window tinting should be watched carefully as you work. You do not want to work on dried tint. If the tint becomes dry, remember to spray it once again. ??

Hard Plastic Card

After popping the bubbles, the window tint will need to be rubbed out. A simple tool to use for this step is one that you may already have in your wallet. A credit card or something similar will be sturdy enough to move the air out from beneath the tint. Before you start rubbing, ensure the window tinting is still wet. Once you start, use a single stroking method, moving from one side to the other. Do not just move quickly back and forth because this could cause more bubbles to appear. Keep the card angled at about 45 degrees when rubbing. Rub the areas where you popped the bubbles, working the air towards the opening of the tint. Rubbing with too much pressure could easily tear the tint. Apply and maintain medium pressure. ??

After you have completed eliminating air bubbles in your window tinting, be sure to allow your car to sit out in the sun again. The tint must dry completely before you roll down your windows. This will prevent bubbling. At this point, your window tinting should look as good as new.

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