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Weleetka Family Clinic
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Weleetka OK
"I have been a patient of "Doc" Parker for almost five years now, and in several instances, she has shown compassion for her patients, even when I know her personal life has been in shambles. Frequently, I call the pharmacist with whom she works, to ask for refills which he must fax to her office for approval, and ONLY ONCE in the years I've been seeing her, have I been unable to drive to the pharmacy within an hour, to pick up the medication. Even then, when she found out that I had called back to check on the prescriptions, she personally called me to inform me that there would be a delay due to insurmountable patient load. Her dedication to her job is astounding! I called her to ask if she could accept my grandchild as a patient, and she balked at the thought, since my granchild had a disorder which was rather rare. My grandchild was placed, by Soonner Care (this state's medicaid program) into her care, so my daughter took her in. By the time my granddaughter had her first visit, Doc Parker had looked up the malady, studied it, and changed her prescription to a far less dangerous preventative cream. She also set my daughter's mind at ease, telling her that the cream should halt the recurrance of the malady, and that if she used it in time, at the onset of symptoms, there would be no need, as the child's previous physicians had said, to rush her to a children's hospital. No human being can please everyone all the time, but I've never seen anyone try harder than Jan Parker. Some have said she's a P.A., not an M.D., and she can't have the expertise of an M.D. Well, that may be technically correct, but while I was in college, my electronics professor said something that truly applies to ANY Doctor, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or Pysician's assistant with regard to diagnosis and treatment. Professor J Mullen said, "A college degree is not proof that you know anything at all. It is only proof that you know how to obtain information, and memorize it long enough to take a test." Doctors look up things all the time. I won't go to a Doctor who WON'T look things up. I go to Jan, because she's an EXCELLENT medical practitioner, she's humanistic, and she shows her altruistic philosophy of humanism every day of her life. I know that what I just said contained a lot of ten dollar words, so I'll put it in plain Oklahoma language. Jan is the finest person in the medical field in this area that I've ever had the honor to have met. This country is based on fredom OF, not freedom FROM religion, so, although Jan and I have never discussed her religious philosophy, if I had to guess, I'd bet my eternal soul that she's a Christian, because she LIVES her religion every day of her life. I've only said that of a handful of friends and associated in my 53 years of life. Jan is the best. God Bless you Jan! Keep up the good work!"
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