Dynamic Store Locator

Get consumers
near your store, in your store!

The Dynamic Store Locator is a new mobile ad unit that helps national brands and advertisers reach and engage local mobile consumers. Combining radius-based geo-fencing with data on YP's 18 million local businesses, the Dynamic Store Locator enables targeting of nearby consumers with contextually and locally relevant mobile ads.

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Business Development
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YPmobile display network

How does it work?

  1. Mobile banner targets mobile consumers within custom geo-fence, across YPsm Local Mobile Display Network.
  2. Consumer clicks to dynamic landing page showing brand logo at nearby locations.
  3. Consumer contacts store via customized calls to action:
    • Driving directions
    • Phone number
    • Special promotion or offer


User Engagement

  • Relevant ads served to highly targeted consumers
  • Mobile-optimized store locator is dynamically generated based on user location

Local Reach

  • Potential reach across YPsm Local Mobile Display Network
  • Over 100M monthly mobile users
  • 100% locally targeted inventory

Easy Deployment

  • Ads are created dynamically, reducing time to market and development costs
  • Customized campaigns include rich-media creative optimization, comprehensive reporting, and end-of-campaign learnings
  • * Source: YP internal data
  • * Actual reach of Store Locator ads on YPsm Local Mobile Display Network depends on requirements for each ad campaign