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  • Taipei South 10106 Johnston Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210 (704) 542-8038

    1 stars Posted on 09/22/2012 05:25pm

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    stupid Japanese people!!!! manager didn't speak English!!! lady on the phone the most rude person ever.... we ended it paying for some food we never got!!! they just laugh at people after we left... one of my friends stay with her girlfriend and saw the lady laughing at us! never coming back.
  • Cherry House Ii 7631 Sharon Lakes Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210 (704) 552-8888

    1 stars Posted on 03/01/2012 06:29pm

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    Order wasn't alright, called back and the person on the phone (sound hispanic) just laugh of my accent (arab) treated me like crap and never solved my problem.