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  • Town And Country Grooming 1807 S Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601 (229) 219-1113

    5 stars Posted on 06/12/2012 02:00pm

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    I've taken my malti-poo puppy to at least 4 groomers in this a area I have been very pleased with tiff's town and country she does an excellent Job with the grooming and its half the price of what I paid at pet smart. when they would call to say she was finished at pet smart they acted like she was a nuisance and couldn't wait to get rid of her!!! (shes a whopping 4 pounds) the groomer is very sweet and seems to love the animals . my dog came back traumatized from the other places! !! she seems to love her beauty appointments now.
  • Thacker Dermatology 3526 N Crossing Cir, Valdosta, GA 31602 (229) 469-4383

    1 stars Posted on 06/05/2012 02:04pm

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    I did not have an appointment. My daughter is 5, and this is my only day off for the next 2 weeks. She has a rash on her neck. I was advised by another Dr., out of network, to go see this Dr., who is in our network. When I walked in, the receptionist seemed offended the I would even attempt to, "walk in". I pled my case, and even had my daughter make her sad face, as an attept at humor, trying to break the three solom faces staring at us. No such luck. The receptionist explained that they were much too exclusive and busy, (booked solid for two weeks) to take walk-ins. Did I mention there was only one other patient the entire 45 minutes we were there? Strange for such a busy place that is booked solid. After just short of graveling to be seen, the receptionist told me it was out of her hands, but she would ask the provider, (very strange term) if there could be an exception. After waiting for approximately 30 minutes in the lobby, alone, the office manager came out to address us. We were lectured to about the proper procedure to be seen in this office, and told, and I quote, "You can make an appointment like everyone else and come back." You couldn't pay me to go back, much less me pay them. A simple, "We won't be able to see you today." would have sufficed. SNOTTY!