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  • Emerald Bay Towing 948 3rd St, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 544-8837

    5 stars Posted on 04/15/2012 01:29pm

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    I have had to use this company quite a few times, and I have NEVER had a bad experience. From having my car towed to their yard, to having it stored, to just needing gas, its ALWAYS been awsome customer service! Each time I've needed to use their service I have had to use AAA, and I know they don't pay well but every time AAA gave me an estimated time of arrival, a driver ALWAYS showed up before, doing whatever needed to he done quickly and efficiently therefore giving me a good reason to tip.....I HIGHLY recommend this company, and remember they're just doing their job and they have rules to follow just like you so cut them some slack.......oh and that Matt guy is super awsome and cute.....I wonder if hes single?
  • Sunsational Tans 2227 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 542-8757

    1 stars Posted on 04/15/2012 09:33am

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    I went tanning here recently and it seemed like ALL the employees, and whom a presumed to be the owner were more interested in getting me to buy the VERY cheap clothing thats marked up what has got to he close to175%. When I finally got into the SUPER tiny room the acrylic were cracked and warped and it looked like there was something dripping underneath the bottom side of the bottom acrylic. The warmth was nice but I didn't see any new color, so I'm relating the warmth to the fact that somebody was in the bed right before me. Again on the way out they tried to sell clothing again, by again telling me they were all on sale. I wasn't there to go shopping, I was there to go.tanning. After using my package to the end (i paid for it, I might as well use it) I began shopping around and I found another tanning salon where they are focused on....well....tanning. And the prices are WAY better and the owner isn't over bearing and I actually see color from their tanning beds....I wouldn't even have given this place 1 star but I had to in order to write a reveiw....if you want a good tan at a good price where the people care more about you as a customer and getting you a great tan, than selling cheap clothes at insanely expensive prices, go to pier sun tanning. you won't be disappointed.