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  • Dog N Suds Restaurant 319 E Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 236-8511

    5 stars Posted on 12/28/2011 06:29am

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    Come for the cheap, greasy drive in food that you cant find any where else. The rootbeer cant be beat and you can buy it by the gal jug if you want to take some home.
  • Kimono Japanese Steak House 1600 W Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 236-7788

    3 stars Posted on 12/28/2011 06:24am

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    What i mean by that is you shouldnt expect miracles when it comes to the food. It has good service and I am able to enjoy a good japanese beer with my meal. Sadly i've had to use that beer to wash the taste of a poorly prepared meal more than i would like. some meals can be prepared cold or hot but should never be both on the same item. If you dont know what im talking about the consider yourself lucky.
  • Oinky's Barbecue 318 W Northend Ave, Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 236-4659

    5 stars Posted on 12/28/2011 06:17am

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    Ok, first off the seating is limited, the drivethru lines are insanely long on the few days a week their actually open, and i have found hair in my food before. so why would i keep going back. Because you cant beat getting awesome bbq served to you by some ladies that have that southern charm you just cant fake. Try the piggy fries and you'll see why i keep coming back.
  • Wings To Go 2503 W Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 236-9464

    3 stars Posted on 12/28/2011 06:11am

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    Its Wings to Go, so you know what your going to get, but i've noticed some cross contamination issues here in the past, so i avoid it if possible.
  • Casa Brava 701 W Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 240-8363

    5 stars Posted on 12/28/2011 06:05am

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    This is my family's favorite mexican food place in north east arkansas. Great food and great service. Plus its nice to have a cold mexican brew with my meal. Also it has a good decor, that it seems like their ever changing and adding to.