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  • Southern Buffet And Grill 4750 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA 30291 (770) 306-8868

    1 stars Posted on 02/25/2012 06:55pm

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    Was in the mood for beakfast so I asked my fiance to cook this morning and we didn't have any eggs so it was take out for us. Been passing the spot for a minute now and decide to google the number. Saw the great reviews and couldn't wait to dig in. This taste as close as it gets to jailhouse food. When I signed my tab the cashier giggled and told me to have a nice day, I assumed it was because I didn't leave a tip (why would I, its take out) but now I know its because she knew what she sold me, awful food. Haven't tried the dinner, sure hope its better than breakfast.