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  • Low Mileage Used Engines (800) 709-9233

    5 stars Posted on 02/23/2013 01:12am

    What a great company! I called Low Mileage Engines to find out the price on a replacement engine for my Jeep Cherokee 4.0L. I talked to Wade and he asked me what was wrong with my engine. I told him it had very high mileage and I thought it was time to be replaced. Very much to my surprise he told me I should take it to my mechanic for testing to see if I really did need a engine and he said my engine might have several years of dependable service left and to call him again if my mechanic told me I should replace my engine. Well, my mechanic told me, after testing my engine, that it had good compression on all cylinders and he saw no reason to replace it now and that he figured it still has several years of dependable service left. Sooooooo..........I was so impressed by all of this that I just wanted to tell my story and I will call them again if I truly do need a replacement engine one day.