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  • Mission City Coffee Roasting 2221 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 261-2221

    3 stars Posted on 06/09/2008 09:37am

    School must be out, because this place wasn't crowded. They also weren't prepared to make lunch at 12:30 on a Sunday. The woman behind the counter appeared to have never heard of the menu items before and didn't know how to run the register. They made several of the drinks wrong. Why three stars? I took the advice I found here and got the eggplant sandwich. Absolutely fantastic! Plus, the place was really clean.
  • Guan Dong House 10851 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 253-3998

    3 stars Posted on 05/26/2008 12:22pm

    We went at nearly 2pm and the restaurant was busy, but not impossible. The servers were difficult to flag down, but not because they were standing around - those people were BUSY, moving every second. We split the steamed vegetable dumplings, I had the garlic eggplant, and the other diner had a whole fried fish. The dumplings came out last (when we had already given up on trying to finish our main dishes). They were HUGE. I found them a bit bland and added a bit of soy sauce. The other diner liked them plain. Portions here are huge! We had the leftovers for two more meals. The leftovers don't hold up quite as well as one would hope. Maybe it's because all of that oil separates out, but I found the leftovers heavy and a bit bland. So...

    Pluses -

    open all day, no 3 - 5 shut down, like so many places

    HUGE portions at reasonable prices

    reasonable food, freshly cooked and steaming hot

    cuts of meat you don't find in "Americanized" Chinese restaurants

    Minuses -

    incredibly loud

    very crowded, even off peak times

    just reasonable food

    no a/c

    Summation -

    It gets added to the very short list of places we can go for lunch on Sunday at 3:15, but not to the top of that list. If the other diner didn't hate getting takeout, I would consider that the best option.
  • Roman Pardigm Therapy 3097 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 247-1169

    5 stars Posted on 05/23/2008 12:44pm

    Doreen has given a lot of thought to how people relax. The table is comfortable; the room is quiet. She pays attention to the details. Highly recommended for deep tissue work! This is NOT a "foofy" massage!
  • Tee Nee Thai Cuisine Inc 1423 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 947-7927

    4 stars Posted on 05/23/2008 12:42pm

    Five stars for the food, but they lose one for the cramped and uncomfortable seating. If they were closer to where we live, I would get takeout from them all the time. One warning - the medium yellow curry is quite, quite spicy.
  • Jade Palace 151 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 321-9388

    1 stars Posted on 05/22/2008 10:30am

    NOT recommended! I went twice, because I thought they might have been having a bad day. The first time, the other diner ordered a whole fried fish. They gave him a spoon to eat it with and disappeared out back for ages. Bland food and the waiter copped an attitude. The restaurant was empty, but it was an odd time for lunch, about 2:30.

    The second time was worse. I should've left when I saw that there were only two occupied tables at noon. The dim sum place a block down had a line out the door! My food had obviously been reheated in a microwave by someone who didn't stir it at all - there were hot spots and fridge-cold spots. It was also bland and greasy. Eggrolls should not be served fridge-cold! The steamed bao was dried out. The waiter was even more rude. Luckily, I didn't bring the other diner with me this time.
  • Frankie Johnnie & Luigi Too 5245 Prospect Rd, San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 446-9644

    4 stars Posted on 05/22/2008 10:26am

    I love the veggie calzone! It's one of the few places I can get almost everybody to agree to go to. The allergic friend knows they'll be careful with her order. I get red sauce Italian, which I prefer. (I'm from the east coast - get those pine nuts away from me!) The menu is varied enough that my husband can find something he hasn't had too recently. The pizza-craving friend loves their pizza. (I think it's ok, but I prefer NYC style.)

    The service *is* inconsistent, it's true, but the place is clean, large, and comfortable. I could happily go there twice a month, not something I often say about restaurants.

    The Mountain View restaurant is just as good on the food and has better service, but it feels kind of cramped and the parking lot is small.
  • El Palenque Restaurant New 1860 The Alameda Ste B, San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 288-9076

    1 stars Posted on 05/22/2008 10:22am

    This took the place of Queen of Sheba, as I discovered when a friend and I tried to go to QoS for lunch last month. We gave it a try. Good food, good service - I thought it was a find and gave it 4 stars. How embarrassing to go back there, having recommended it, and find it had slipped so much! The salsa was good, but the chips tasted off, as if the oil had been bad. We had to ask for milk to go with the coffee. Our meals arrived ten minutes apart, mine without my tortillas and the other diner's without toast and jelly - and we had to ask for the jelly once we finally had the toast, despite it being on the menu as toast and jelly! We had to flag down the hostess to get those, btw, as our waiter was chatting with his friends. While we had her attention, we got the coffee refilled. Everything took forever. The fish was very nice, the vegetables needed to be steamed a little longer (they were like hot crudites) and the rice had a lot of salt and grease in it.

    It's possible that they were having an off day today. I'm not going back to find out.