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  • Wok On Wheels (210) 493-4411

    1 stars Posted on 09/06/2008 07:14pm

    I placed an order for some Chinese Food for 5 plates and they said it would take an hour. One hour later we were still waiting for our food to be delivered when they're located about 15 minutes from us. I called to complain and the Manager (female) said that it should be their any minute. 1/2 hour later its still not here so I call to complain and tell them I'm going to cancel because my children are starving. And the Assistant Manager Mario just says okay I will cancel that order. No apology or offer for a discount or free food. So I asked to speak to the Manager and she says she is sorry but can offer the food at a 1/2 off. I'm telling her that it should be free for making us wait for an 1 1/2. She says she can't. So I will definitely not order from them again. They would rather lose my business then try and make us happy. So I will discourage my neighbors about their service.