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  • Decurtins Law Office 301 S McDowell St # 801, Charlotte, NC 28204 (704) 375-7200

    1 stars Posted on 04/08/2013 01:47pm

    I hired Robert Decurtins a few years ago to represent me. After months of waiting, he told me that he was dropping my case because it was not worth it to him. He said that my case was chump change and he couldn't make much money. I was in tears in his office and he couldn't have cared less. He just said "sorry, sometimes I have to agree to drop small cases so that I can settle with insurance companies on bigger cases". I felt that he should have told me that from the beginning instead of giving me the run around.
  • Wilson Law Firm 821 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 344-4466

    1 stars Posted on 04/07/2013 05:00pm

  • Hands Law Office PLLC 3558 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 248-7976

    2 stars Posted on 04/07/2013 05:00pm