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  • Tahoe Diesel & 4 Wheel Drive 1012 Industrial Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 544-8100

    1 stars Posted on 11/30/2012 05:25am

    My motor home broke down in south lake Tahoe. It was my wife and I with four kids and mother in law. It was a Thursday evening in August. I knew that was a simple fix and hooked to a diagnostic computer would tell what was wrong right away. Tahoe diesel would not even look at it until the next Monday . I explained my situation to them, no compassion what so ever.( if you have ever been to Lake Tahoe in the summer on a weekend you know how hard it is to find a place to stay without paying a fortune.). Monday finally came around my wife called Tahoe Diesel, this would be the first of many phone calles. They did not work on it until Tuesday. Finally Tuesday afternoon is was ready. It did not take long because it was just the battery, or so they said. They charged us $500 to put a $300 battery in, over $800 later we just wanted to get out of there after all the crap that we went through. On our way home, near Reno we had the same problem, nothing was fixed. The battery was dead. It needed an alternator, not a battery! They had the nerve to charge us over $500 to put in a battery and not even test the alternator. ( not to mention all the money we had to spend for lodging for 7 people in peak season because, they could not trouble themselves to take 30 minutes to diagnose an easy fix.) These people were rude, disrespectful. I thought it was just me and my wife that they treated this way until, another costumer came in and they spoke to him like he was bothering them. Through this whole ordeal we never received one phone call from them. Todd Bennett, Canyonville Oregon