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  • Nigro Dermatology Group 5110 Buffalo Speedway Ste 200, Houston, TX 77005 (713) 333-1770

    5 stars Posted on 12/23/2008 10:12am

    This is a great Dermatology clinic! It has a beautiful lobby and the Doctors are great. I had such wonderful results with Dr. Hickman- she was kind and compassionate- and never left you feeling judged or anything remotely negative. I would recommend everyone to Dr. Hickman she was fabulous. And my skin has never looked so good for so long! I will absolutely go back for any future dermatological needs!
  • Space Center Orthodontics 1140 Clear Lake City Blvd, Houston, TX 77062 (281) 286-8945

    1 stars Posted on 12/23/2008 10:07am

    I have been recieving care from this orthodontist for over a year- and I have yet to be impressed. He does not tell you what he plans for you, why he plans things for you, when he talks to you it seems very fake, and in comparrison ( from what I have heard from friends who either have/ or have had an orthondontist)- he is lacking in the details. I would certainly not call this experience great by any means. I wouldn't call it horrible either, but If I could do it over again I would have gone somewhere else. The atmosphere is cute for children- perhaps if you are 13 or younger you may actually enjoy the experience. Maybe.