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    4 stars Posted on 01/22/2011 11:03am

    I purchased a Camille LaVie dress at Grapevine mall. I have now decided that it is too short & I would like to find the black sequin fabric & lengthen the shirt. The dress I am talking about is a Black Short/Long Sequin dress with a peplum train attached. The numbers on the tag are as followed: 330 3660 0006, 20047, 153010/BLK, Su-002391464_Z (can'y read second to last letter), SEQ SHT/LONG, Color BLK, Size 16, bar code # 400023914641. Is there any way you could put me in touch with someone that would have the same black sequin fabric, that I might be able to purchase fabric to lenghten the skirt. I want to wear it for my daughters wedding June 4, 2011, but feel now it is too short for a mother of the bride to be wearing. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I LOVE the dress and really want to wear it but, it just needs to be longer. Thank you, teareed04