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  • Checker Cab 525 S Grove St, Hendersonville, NC 28792 (828) 692-2424

    2 stars Posted on 10/26/2010 02:40pm

    Thank you elderly 1 and outragous owner. You are right it is often the driver and not the company who is helpfull. Not all drivers from any company are helpful,its usually just the selected few. Thank you elderly 1 for letting us know details of why their customer service is so great. I hate it when ppl say their customer service is great and end it there, why? Do you know the drivers name? Can you share it? If your driver is ever not available, we use big Jon from blue birds who does the exact same thing and will lift wheelchairs,scooters etc in to the car and put grocerys in the cab and call your destination in before turning the meter on and he is really fun to talk to, most of his customers are either elderly or petlovers or both. But he would never dream of taking another drivers personal away from him, so only call for him when your current driver is unavailable. Outrageious owner, big jons dispatcher told him one time when we had a trip planned way in advance to pick up someone else instead ofus. He told her no and came to get us. Last sat around 1:30 or so she was really rude to us over the radio where all the drivers on duty that day and all the passengers who were with them could hear it. The same ppl could also hear big Jon batting for us and defending us and telling his dispatcher to stop being so rude to us, he used the same radio. When she told him he worked for her he said " no I dont work for you, we work for the customer,thats who we work for".So either use the same driver elderly1 used or call blue bird and ask for big Jon to pick you up. Their number is 828-258-8331
  • Checker Cab (828) 254-1155

    1 stars Posted on 10/25/2010 12:03am

    This sounds horrible. We met big Jon because my daughter needed a ride to the dentist. I couldnt go with her but even though she was young he politely introduced himself to her.After that we used him all the time. He has always been very polite to us and actually defended us when his dispatcher was very rude towards me telling her she needs to treat customers better and not be so rude with customers cause customers is who they work for and she needs to back off cause the customer can hear everything she says and she is being very rude.... Since she did say it over the radio every other driver on duty could hear it and ever customer they had in their cabs could hear it. I wish I remember what day it was. Oh ya about 1:15 this past sat.So ask anyone traveling with blue bird at that time and they can tell you he went all out for us with the dispatcher telling her to stop being rude with us especially over the radio, she can always talk to him privatly when he checked in. Big Jon has tons of witnesses that he is polite and he does put our grocery in the car and takes care of our dog while we shop or go to meetings and he unpacks, he never overcharges and the one time he made a wrong turn he deducted that from the meter cause it was his mistake not mine. He had a trainee with him when he made that wrong turn so he thought the trainee that you pay for your mistakes, not the customer. He did say he was going to cover that part himself and he often even oppens doors for us. Google blue bird taxi review,Asheville,Nc and you will see more reviews about big Jon,so next time call blue bird and ask for big Jon to come get you. We often call big jon when we are stressed because he is a great unstressor. His smile is contagious and he is very polite etc. Were from ca and there is a huge difference between here and ca and it is scarry , well it was scarry before we met big Jon. I am guessing you are from ny so you may be able to use big Jons talent for unstressing ppl too. He is just fun to talk with. Cant find my phone right now or would have given ph number of blue bird here, just call blue bird and make sure you ask for big Jon to come get you.