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  • Michaels 640 Marketplace Dr, Bel Air, MD 21014 (410) 420-2533

    5 stars Posted on 12/15/2007 08:06pm

    I have always found the staff to be extremely helpful whether it be finding what your looking for or advice and tips when you have questions about a project or how to do it. We've also had birthday parties there and I must say they were the best parties we've had away from home.
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers 620 Marketplace Dr, Bel Air, MD 21014 (410) 638-7023

    1 stars Posted on 12/11/2007 11:31pm

    Only been here a handful of times and each time there has been some kind of issue. The last one was when we had called and spoke with manager and she I and were both looking on their website at the same time and she said since they would honor the internet price since the site said price was same in store. We took a printout of the web site ad with the statement saying same price in store with us just in case we had to deal with a different person. When hubby went to pay they would not honor the price and the very same manager I had spoke with on the phone told him that i lied and she did not say she would honor the price that their policy is they do not honor the prices on the web site. She was actually yelling at him and the kids and I were in the center of store and we and everyone else could hear her yelling at him and calling me a liar - guess she did't think i was in store. Well she would not call me a liar to my face but insisted they do not honor the website prices. It did not matter that she had said they would, that the site said they would and that I had a printed copy of the statement. She even brought another manager in on it. He at least didn't get loud and rude like she did. We ended up walking out without the purchase and ordered it off the site, hoping to have it in time. We have not been back since and will not ever go back. Their prices are outrageous and the customer service is lacking.
  • WaWa 709 Baltimore Pike, Bel Air, MD 21014 (410) 638-5049

    2 stars Posted on 12/11/2007 11:19pm

    Used to be a great place to grab a sub, soup, hot chocolate. But like so many places it's gone downhill. The place is run by a bunch of kids and it seems noone is in charge and the majority of them do whatever they want. Just last night we were in there and there was a group of at least 5 employees hanging out front smoking and chatting loudly, like some party. That left 2 employees in the store, one at the register and one at the deli counter. Another time we were made to wait 5 minutes before an employye would get up off their rear and make our sandwiches and that was after we ordered. They're too lazy to refill the hot chocolate machine and sometimes it will go for days without being refilled. We have heard them talking and it's not that they're out but that they are complaining the previous shift should have done it - I'm not doing it or I don't feel like it. They eat the meat while making your sub, put the wrong things on sub even though the ticket says what goes on. Shoot last night my son ordered a tuna salad and it had big chunks of chicken in it. We keep going back because when things are done right the food is good and they have great hot chocolate when they keep it filled. This is definately a hit or miss.
  • Target 403 Constant Friendship Blvd, Abingdon, MD 21009 (410) 670-9000

    4 stars Posted on 11/28/2007 04:54pm

    Big and Roomy and Clean - Helpful Staff - almost always has a motorized chair fully charged for us handicapped people. Over all a much more pleasant experience than the Bel AIr store
  • Target 580 Marketplace Dr, Bel Air, MD 21014 (410) 638-7532

    1 stars Posted on 11/26/2007 08:52am

    Lazy employees that couldn't be bothered to help "guests" even when asked. Of course you have to find them in order to ask for help. Have even had a few turn around and walk away, some practically run when you say "Excuse me" and you can't even finish your question. Many times do not have the item be advertised or unadvertised. The plus size section used to be wonderful but now its a cruel joke. As for handicap access. Sure they have a few motorized chairs sitting upfront but they are never fully charged, even for the first customer in the morning and most are in need a repair. One chair would speed right across the store just by barely touching the control lever. The control lever was broke and there was only one speed and that was shoot across the store - I'd be surprised if noone got hurt. I reported it to them on several occasions but they never once put any notices on it or repaired it. Then you have the chairs that barely move at a crawl. I have more often than not been stranded in the back or middle of the store when what seemed like a fairly good charged chair would die. Forget finding an employee to help by bringing another chair or even a shopping cart. I always end up having to painfully and slowly hobble/walk my way to the front. When that happens they lose my sale because I'm worn out and in such pain I have to go sit in my car for 20 minutes before heading to Abingdon Target and giving them my business. I'm so glad they opened the Abingdon store, I shop there 95% of the time I go to Target, much cleaner, friendlier, helpful and most times I cxan get a decent chair with a good charge. Bel Air Target is just the pits all the way around.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement 414 Constant Friendship Blvd, Abingdon, MD 21009 (443) 456-7080

    4 stars Posted on 11/26/2007 08:34am

    Much better than the Home Depot! better organized, help is not usually hard to find, though like any other store they have their bad apples. Every once in a while we come across an employee who obviously thinks just being there earns his/her paycheck.But for most visits the experience is a pleasant and helpful, if not even enjoyable experience. Many more remodeling/redecorating ideas/options and a much larger selection and variety of products to choose from.
  • Giant Food 3299 Emmorton Rd, Abingdon, MD 21009 (410) 420-3160

    5 stars Posted on 11/23/2007 08:23pm

    We love Giant over any of the other grocery stores we've tried. Cleaner store, better produce, better product rotation to make sure expired foods are not left on the shelves. Better customer service on the floor, at the register and at the customer service desk. The Bel Air and Rock Spring Giant stores could take a lesson from Abingdon thats for sure. I've always found the Bel Air store to be on the dirty side and the employees lazy and rude. They proved that again just before Thanksgiving as did the Rock Spring location. The Rock Spring location the staff is not really rude but not friendly either. They also are more apt to lie to a customer rather than do their job and assist the. Just pure laziness. So we do 99% of our shopping at the Abingdon store, even though the other two are closer to us.