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  • Sherwin - Williams Company (800) 474-3794

    1 stars Posted on 12/19/2009 05:38am

    I was looking to get some neon colors for my daughters room ,, I found a store called and called , phone number was to a fax,, very frustrating i didnt want to go all the way to the store if I was going to have to order it , could do that at my own home town hardware store,, I called a store rep. for sherwin williams ,, what a joke she didnt know her head from a hole in the wall!! gave me the same phone # to the fax even though I told her it was not the phone #, her anwser,, " well I dont know what else to tell you " what a joke ,, you call that customer service!! It really ticks me off that customers service means nothing anymore,, needless to say they just lost a customer who is remodeling there home one room at a time ,and its all going to need paint and wall paper and I would not give Sherwin-Williams any of my business,, making this decision only on my phone conversation with that first idiot,,,