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  • A Gifted & Talented Child Development Academy, Inc. 5023 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46226 (317) 546-8818

    1 stars Posted on 10/26/2012 05:47am

    I dropped my child off at the daycare to go to work. the teacher wanted to know why I did not bring a treat for the Halloween party. I told her I was picking my child up early today because she had got hit yesterday in the stomach and stomach was still sore. The teacher went off on me and told me my child was lieing nobody hit her. that teacher was not even with her all day so she had no clue what she was talking about. My child got so scared of this teacher arguing with her mommy she ran to the bathroom to hide. I could not even drop my child off to go to work. I told that teacher if that how she treats the parents I can not even imagine how she treats the kids. I would not recommend this daycare to anyone. They are not reliable care. I needed to go to work and could not because this teacher just wanted to argue with me in front of my child.
  • Stoner Robert Thomas DDS 10537 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229 (317) 898-1836

    1 stars Posted on 08/05/2010 12:04pm

    I scheduled an appt. I said I had a lump in my mouth a tooth I needed pulled and a lot of cavities. I took half the day off work and the dentist looked at my lump in mouth and said it was fine but he could not do anyhting else for me today becasue he was too busy. He charged me for the visit and refused to do any work on my teeth and I wasted a half of day off work. The doctor just wants your money and does not want to do any work for it. Beware. They should have called me and told me they did not have time for me today instead of scheduling an appt and taking my money for an office visit to tell me that crap.