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  • Chuy's 18008 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78232 (210) 545-0300

    1 stars Posted on 07/23/2008 12:15pm

    My husband and i have been eating at your place ever since it opened, and have loved the food, it was our favorite place for Mexican food, we always took visitors to your place from out of town.. the food was so good... since we do live so far away we save it for special times.... We went there on my birthday this year, July 15, 2008 and i have never been so disappointed .. i even cried.. i was looking forward so much for a great Mexican food dinner and what i got was a big shock... the food was terrible... i had the chicken chalupas that and your mexi cob salad were my favorites... the chicken what there was of it , 2 little pieces on one Chalupa's had no taste at all, even the beans were tasteless.. the tortilla on the bottom was hard and i took the food off the tortilla and ate it as sort of a salad... as seniors now we have to watch our food and our money... and with the price up and the taste down it was a real disappointment... i finally said something to my husband , and he agreed that his enchiladas were not the same as they had been... when i told the server, he said ,well each chef has his own way of cooking...." i ate what i could as i could not afford to waste the money... later i was talking to a friend of mine and she and her friend had been to your place a couple of weeks before and found the same tasteless food... she did not say anything as she thought maybe it was just her... but her friend was not happy either.. so i just want you to know that we all 4 of us now will not be coming to your place anymore.... you had such great food for so long, if you have reason for this sudden change i would surely love to hear it..... it ruined my birthday, so i will have to have another birthday dinner at some other place, i guess it will be back to the Alamo Cafe or Mia Terra;s ..