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  • Straub Clinic & Hospital 888 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 522-4000

    1 stars Posted on 07/30/2009 07:15pm

    I felt a lump in my b. I knew this would be my third Lump, so I told my doctor to that to set me up with a mamogram and ultrasound at Straub. He only set the mamo. (mistake 1) I was told by Les the radiology Manager(who has no medical knowledge, only adminstrative prodecures) that the films from my other two lumps need to be matched and reviewed against the latest mamo. I tried to get them from Kaiser, but they had already been mailed. I tried to call the 1st Dr. to order the ultrasound, but was told to wait. It took five days before getting word from the Dr, who I then told that I would not need him any more due to his lack or care and service. I called patient relations and talked to a hale woman named Kim, who said she understood, found my appt. set for the next day for the ultrasound and would call susrgery to try to set it up. My call was never returned. I called surgery the next day and asked for a appt. The day before they didn't find the referral, but on the second day they did and scheduled me for Aug. 6th, but said it would only be a consult and not the surgery. Irequested to bypass the surgery, cause I have nothing to talk about, all records show a need for a biopsy. I was told they would check into it and never called back. I went to my appointment and cried to a tech that said I should talk to a radiologist to feel better, but instead they sent Les. I told Les I didn't want to talk to him, unless he can bypass the consult and set me up with a surgical appointment. I walke away angry and disappointed. I went to the Surgical Dept to talk to the superivisor Liah(Amanda Woo was on leave). I was greeted by, Les, Kim, and a sercurity gaurd. Kim demanded that I go downstairs and tell me they would not hlep me or see me medically any more without proof in writing, saying she didn't hve to. I said that I didn't threaten bodily harm or called anyone out of their name or yelled. I sing Blues, so my voice is very commanding, but not mean cruel and cusing. I was then walked to med records to get copies ordered by the sercurity. I treated like crap, because I demanded service. Don't let straub do that to you, unless you like going to long pain taking procedures that prolong your care and health. In other words they are Bad Bad people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!