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  • Arcade Pizza 5319 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44127 (216) 441-5647

    1 stars Posted on 02/08/2009 02:08pm

    The food is excellent but the service is awful. The people there are rude and disrespectful to customers. I;ve been a customers for year until now. I tried to place an order and was placed on hold for 5 mintes only to have call back to a rude women who was short tempered. The way she awswered the phone was short tempered. I was rushed, in the end I decided nt to order because I no longer trusted her with preparing my food. Whoever she was mad at, i did not want it taken out on my food. This is not the first time, I seen her rude behavior, it has never been with me. I could she if she had a reason but no reason was given, just calling to place an order.