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  • Alief Dental Associates 10260 Westheimer Rd Ste 500, Houston, TX 77042 (713) 789-9800

    1 stars Posted on 12/30/2009 11:13pm

    She is a horrible doctor. She promized me wonderful results until I paid for the treatment and then she starts saying that it is not going to be that good but better than it was before. prices change all the times, I had to call to make my appointment even thought the plan was that I would see her every 4 weeks and the assistant would call me. She would make me wait for an hour or so to see her other patients just because I already paid. the assistant would propose to me each time a different product and insists that I should buy it. they are not professional and look to get more and more of your money!

    I dont recommend her at all.