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  • Harvest Landscape & Irrigation 5727 Prentiss Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 884-7182

    1 stars Posted on 05/02/2013 02:22pm

    Very unprofessional. At first I was impressed that they were willing to meet me after work for the initial evaluation. I provided property layouts and sprinkler system layouts that already existed. They said they would come back out the next day to do the measurements and then have a quote the day after which was a Friday. By Monday I had not heard anything so I called. It wasn't until I told them that competition had already submitted a bid that I got a response. They got a bid to us for the fence and sprinkler, but could not readily provide the breakdown. They scheduled a meeting for the next day and said they would call that day to tell my wife what time. They never called. It's been 2 more days since then and they still have not contacted us. We've gone with someone else. If they had said that they were very busy and given us a realistic time frame, I might have been more understanding, but don't tell me you will call back and then not, or say you'll have a quote and not have one unless I harass you. That's very unprofessional. I would not recommend them for anything. If they can't keep close to a time table just to get the quote done, then how can they be trusted to keep close to a projects time table. Unacceptable.