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  • Park City Car Rental (435) 658-2227

    1 stars Posted on 03/22/2008 01:10pm

    DO NOT use this company. Worst service I have ever experienced. I actually got cussed out by the rep for NO reason. I have never been treated like this.

    Here’s what happened: I called this company to inquire about their cancellation policy (it was mentioned in the e-mail confirmation that you had to give 24hrs notice, but I wanted to double check). The representative (which must be the only one working there, because he was the same man with a British accent that always answered when I called) was very rude and refused to tell me. He threatened to cancel my reservation and said "I am recording this now. Do you or do you not want to cancel this reservation" to which I replied "No, do not cancel, I just want to know your policy." He responded "OK then, I will not cancel this reservation, good bye" and hung up. I called back later, after having decided to cancel the res and go with another company, and asked him to please cancel. He said "No, I will not cancel this reservation" and I said "But it says in the e-mail I can do so 24 hours ahead of time without penalty" and he said "I have you recorded saying you didn't want to cancel". I, of course, said more than that -- I indicated that I didn't want to cancel, that I was calling to check their cancellation policy. When I told him this, he started shouting profanity at me. Called me vulgar names and told me to go F*** myself. I said "Excuse me? Is this a joke?" -- I legitimately had never experienced anything like this. I was as polite as I could be and he just started shouting obscenities at me! I figured there must be some explanation like I was on a radio show or something like that. Finally, when he stopped calling me names I said his stated policy allows us to cancel, and if he doesn't cancel I will dispute the charges with the credit card company, at which time he started shouting at me again and calling me names. He said "go f*** yourself, you mother f****** c*** su**** and if the credit card company calls I will tell them the same thing" and then he hung up. Unbelievable! I have never been treated like this by anyone in the "professional" sphere -- especially when I was being nothing but polite and cordial. I know, this sounds like I MUST be making this up, or that I am not including some details -- but this is the complete story, I promise. I felt like I just got Punk*d.