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  • Algiers Urgent Care 3801 General Degaulle Dr, New Orleans, LA 70114 (504) 362-2829

    2 stars Posted on 02/08/2012 01:58pm

    I had to wait 4 hours to see a doctor. Yep...4 hours. The waiting room was not even crowded. So, if you plan to visit this establishment, bring a laptop and a couple of dvds or a book (a thick book). The cherry on the sunday was the doctor could not even help me. He could not even give me a referral. Makes you wonder why they do not have a screening process, so they could save you the time - a lot of time. If you have insurance, do yourself a favor and just go to the emergency room. The waiting time at the emergency room is better and the doctor there will give you a referral. I give this place 2 stars, because at least they did not charge me. I did lose 1/2 day of work, though, so it did wind up costing me indirectly. Thanks for nothing guys.