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  • Carmino's Pizza 4728 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 398-9365

    5 stars Posted on 07/20/2012 07:46pm

    I think people need to get away from the big chain pizza joints.They're too commercial, robotic and inconsistant. When you deal with a mom and pop shop like Carmino's (serving old brooklyn since 1965), you get the full experience. When you walk-in to pick up your order.... your greeted with a respectful "Hello, how are you". Your order is quickly attended and ready to go. The dough is the same cause it's made fresh EVERY DAY, the sauce is made fresh EVERY DAY and they cut their cheese fresh EVERY DAY (100% provolone, no fillers). Alot of the big chains use frozen pre-prepped items, eventhough they claim they don't cause they have the big money commercials to steer you to believe it. Carmino's is the best italian-american pizza you'll ever have. Some may say that the dough is too soft or the cheese isn't stringy enough. That's because it's not supposed to be the cardboard texture or the plastic-like preservitive filled uniform pizza you see on t.v, If your pizza doesn't have some grease on it, it's not real pizza. Hello!! Pepperoni and sausage have fat. Try the real stuff a couple times and you'll see what i mean. My favorite is the pepperoni and mild peppers pizza. Try the garlic butter sauce too. It's homemade too.....literally. I won't get my pizzas anywhere else. After you've been a customer a few times, they remember you as soon as your name pops up when you place your order. They will thank you for calling and already have you think about what to try next on the menu. That's a real family business.