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  • Gladstones Malibu 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 (310) 454-3474

    5 stars Posted on 01/27/2011 05:36pm

    My friend is all about the new trendy food joints and she begged me to come here with her because I guess they did some remodeling? Anyways, I personally have never heard of Gladstones, but I'm always up for an adventure. Two words: Really Good!! If I had known more about this place prior, I would've gone willingly. My friend was nice enough to cover my meal because she was so thankful she didn't have to eat alone. I got the fish and chips and later, because the food was so delicious, we both ordered the jumbo sized crab legs. So good!!! My mother is from Hawaii and she was always about cooking seafood. The crab legs were better than my moms. Sorry mom! I never say that, but in this case I have to. If and when my mother visits me again, I'm definitely taking her here. I can only imagine what their other food tastes like. I hope to find out soon!
  • Miyako Sushi 5005 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 508-0788

    4 stars Posted on 01/27/2011 04:51pm

    As my title states, I can't complain about this place. I thought the sushi was delicious and it was fairly priced (unlike a lot of sushi places). One thing I'm a stickler about although I know I'm eating fish, I hate it if I can physically smell and taste a fishy sashimi. If you like to eat sushi, you will know what I am talking about. This place did not have any of that nonsense which I really appreciate. It was fresh, yummy with a nice price tag. I live really close by here so I try to come when I can. The staff is really friendly and treat me like a regular although I've only been 2 times so far! Stop by and check it out...