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  • State Farm (877) 331-8261

    1 stars Posted on 09/11/2012 06:41am

    My family has used State Farm for 30 plus years. With all insurance needs. Life, Home owners, ira's, roths. Recently my father passed away and my life insurance my mother owned. after he passe she changed the benificaries but they didn't tell her about him being the second owner of my policy. Which put me through so much stress. They would neve4r come out and tell me what I needed to do to gain ownership. I spoke to a attorney and did a small estate affiliated and since my step father's name was still on it they made my step brother sign one also. What does he have to do with my policy. This whole thing took a year to get straightened out. I believe they were doing everything in there power to decieve me and keep my money. My children have a huge amount coming to them. I am horrified at the trouble I am going to go through when they turn of age. One will be 18 in 2yrs. I will never in this life time or next use them and give the Herrin IL Dave Anderson is negligent to a very loyal customer.