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    5 stars Posted on 09/09/2011 09:42am

    I'm a veteran who within the last year recently transitioned into civilian life. I saw an excellent opportunity with a lot of potential career growth. Like all federal jobs, the posting required a resume. Most federal job seekers are familiar with the complexities of the federal resume. During my time in the military I had done a lot and had a plethora of achievements to fill out a resume. However, I didn't know just how to write one with the correct format.

    I called the wonderful, professional people at Career Ladders and they started the process right away. The posting that I was interested had a due date of about a week, which is cutting it a little close for writing a resume. Career Ladders told me that it would be no problem. The finished product was awesome and done in time for the deadline. While the price for the service may have been more than I originally intended to pay, it was definitely well worth it.

    My awesome federal resume got me the interview, which later resulted in a tentative offer. I'm now patiently waiting for the firm offer, which I have been assured will be coming. I am extremely satisfied with Career Ladders and I highly recommend their service to any potential federal job seeker no matter what their background is. I will continue to use Career Ladders in the future for updated resumes.