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  • Southern Animal Foundation 1823 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 671-8235

    1 stars Posted on 01/13/2013 08:26am

    COMPLETELY HORRIBLE, MISERABLE, UNPROFESSIONAL experience with SAF. I went in and paid to have my cat spayed and things seemed fine. Well a month later she became pregnant again. Wow, how does that happen? Well they seemed to tell me that my cat had "TWO UTERUSES". Well ok my cat seems to be a "Freak of Nature". At this point I am in college and working hard to pay for anything and I had 4 kittens running around my apt. tearing it up when I thought I had my cat SPAYED. I spoke to the owner who is a very UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE WOMAN who proceded to explain to me that I had to pay for the spaying of my cat again and it was my responsibility to find a good home for my 4 new kittens. At this point I look to my right and see a cage with 4 cute kittens in it with a sign saying "ADOPT FREE KITTENS". I tried really hard to contain myself and asked another rude woman working at the front window with the owner listening on, "How could I possibly manage to get my new kittens in that cage to be adopted? "Well sir", they said, "Those kittens are sick and we cannot add any new kittens in the cage with them." GREAT, I have to pay again for her to be spayed, which I would have thought the VET WOULD HAVE NOTICED IN SURGERY THAT MY FREAKING CAT HAD TWO UTERUSES, "REALLY". Well as I was asking, the very rough looking female clerk who seemed to act like I was completely wrong and wanted to have a physical confrontation with me. "Can I pay in installments? I really don't have the money to pay for this all at once? At this point I am very angry and am not sure what to do, so I say trying hard to stay calm. "I'm sorry Miss I just saw your previous customer talking about paying a portion of his bill to you today and he would pay the remainder of his bill later." She says aggressively, "Well sir he is an old customer and we used to allow that but don't any longer" It really takes me alot to get angry and this ANGERED ME, so I walked out and never returned. DONOT EVER TAKE YOUR PET TO THIS HORRIBLE VET!!!!!!!!!
  • Southern Animal Foundation 1823 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 671-8235

    1 stars Posted on 01/12/2013 04:00pm

  • Hope Gersovitz, LPC, LMFT 4038 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 669-1980

    1 stars Posted on 02/27/2012 08:36am

    It was a disappointing experience. I met with the therapist for the first time and she seemed ok so I gave her a chance. I met with her in the evening time after work for the second appointment and she seemed to be struggling to stay awake during the session. At the end of the session I was contemplating whether or not to even schedule a future appointment and I did for a few weeks later. As I was scheduling the follow-up appointment the therapist mentioned that she would make sure to send a reminder text for my appointment. I thought that was great so I could definitely remember the appointment. I did not receive a reminder text at all and I do know that I should have remembered on my own but things got really busy with my family so I regretfully missed the appointment and would have loved to receive the reminder text that she promised. My real issue was when I received the bill for my missed appointment. It was a charge for $95 which is fine. I normally would pay $30 or so for my appointment with insurance, but I do know since I didn't show up she cannot bill my insurance so I was charged for what she charges for non-insured clients. My real issue was with the bill that was sent to my house. Under the charge for $95 was basically a threat to turn me into the Credit Bureau for a missed payment if the payment wasn't received by a certain day. I took major issue with this because it was the first bill that was sent to my house, I did not receive a reminder text for the appointment, she was falling asleep during the last session and I received a threatening letter to pay $95 by a certain day or be turned over to the credit bureau. I was very disappointed about the experience and I recommend you not visit this therapist.