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  • Buchanan Baptist Day Care 808 W Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613 (813) 961-4065

    1 stars Posted on 08/26/2008 08:52pm

    My child has been going there for 5 months and has caught plenty of contagious infections from strep throat,stomach flu,chickenpox,ear infections,coxysakie virus.There is no sick protocol so if your child has a fever,diarrhea you know the signs of something they can still go to daycar my home with sores inher mouth and a fever and i called the center to give them an update since she was out for 2 days and wont be in for rest of the week they tell me theres a little girl there with sores in her mouth and since the aunt works there; they have no one to keep her home.

    HAHAHA so while im busting myself to stay home with my child so shes not contagious the other child who started the illness never missed an day.