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  • Monro Muffler Brake & Service

    1 stars Posted on 10/04/2009 08:25pm

    This place is terrible!!! They have mechanics that only do a half way job (that don't even know what they are doing), not to mention the fact that their mechanics go into work drunk! I took my car up there because of a small problem... all they did was throw parts on it, didn't check to see if things were functioning (I had four people tell me four different things were wrong with my car), and wanted to just keep throwing parts into it because of guesses. I finally told them to stop looking at my car and had it towed to a mechanic I knew I could trust... After 3 whole days dealing with Monro's and still not knowing what was wrong with my car... my mechanic took a good look at it, and within the hour figured out the problem with only putting a little effort into it. Makes you wonder what kind of people they have working there!