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  • Dave's Best Limousine Service 5915 Harbison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135 (800) 255-2378

    3 stars Posted on 09/28/2009 07:58am

    Have used this service a few times over the past few years. Pick up for transport TO JFK was usually as scheduled-at least within the time window stated-except for one occasion when the driver was an hour late. Fortunately we didn't miss our flight. However, pickup at the airport is another story. The one time we relied on Dave's, the driver was over an hour later than the pickup time we were quoted (traffic wasn't an issue); was dressed in dirty, stained cut-off sweat pants (with his gut hanging out) and a dirty T-shirt; smoked on the drive home (opened a window and blew the smoke out) even though we all said we objected; stopped once on the way back so he could really enjoy his smoke; drove with the fuel light glowing almost the entire way home ("It's no problem", he said.); finally-the ultimate insult after a long flight from Kiev to JFK via Frankfurt- went by way of Allentown to get to Plymouth Meeting and Fort Washington-even though there was no one on the shuttle getting dropped off in Allentown. Very unprofessional. What disaster. Will use private limo service for pickups from now on.