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  • Emeritus At Vickery Towers 5619 Belmont Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (214) 826-1113

    4 stars Posted on 10/10/2008 08:41pm

    I moved my mother into Vickery Towers in February 2006 and she loved living there. Unfortunately she fell and broke her hip and she is one of those statistics that will not recover totally. So I am now looking for a nursing home for her.

    My mother would tell you that the food was horrible, but I would eat there and the food was very good. The staff was also very good to her, so our overall satisfaction rate is high. However, we did run into several snafus getting stuff repaired, but you run into that everywhere. With the recent remodel of the Independent Living dinning room, the main reception area and the courtyard out front, the place is wonderful. The remodel of the Assisted Living side is OK, the paint color is horrible and the choice of furniture is not nearly as nice as what's on the Independent Living side. A new manager or rather interim manager came in and fired the "decorator" that had been originally hired when they started the major remodel of the building and hired some real Interior Designers.

    She does miss living there a lot and I would be more than happy to move her back there if she ever regains her mobility.