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  • Bay Area Martial Arts 3719 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 839-1814

    5 stars Posted on 07/23/2008 03:58pm

    I have learned applicable Martial Arts as well as consistently gotten rigorous exercise at Bay Mountain Martial Arts. I have been training at BMMA for 5 years now, throughout all of high school. During this time period, I have witnessed a lot of curriculum changes, testimony that the school is always striving to teach the most beneficial and useful material possible. The material is never stagnant, nor are the class structures too rigid. The classes are personal and tailored to benefit the specific students that are in class each day. Each class starts with a workout, which is often something new and that really is good exercise, before moving into actual material. The classes are dynamic, and the instructors try to give students the best understanding of material by doing a variety of exercises. Most drills are done with partners, which makes it easy to learn how to apply what we learn. This school teaches martial arts that in a way that lets students really understand the concepts and how to use them realistically, while also combining that with a good fitness program and more traditional aspects.