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  • Arizona Shooting Range (888) 243-5942

    2 stars Posted on 05/03/2013 06:53pm

    The range is very good, I would say exceptional. But the staff except for the young gentleman that signed me up for the range are rude, they would rather talk with their friends than help customers. Why would so many people on the reviews list say the things they do, if it were not true. Every person in their walks around like they have a load in their pants.

    I bought a pistol in their about 6 months ago. I had to wait about 10 mins for the associate to stop talking to his friend to help me. Then the friend decided to tell me things, it was like he was busting in are conversation. I told the guy can I just talk to the salesman and not him. I purchase the weapon there. Also when the transaction was done, the salesman went right back to his friend, and did not even say thank you for shopping with us or nothing, it was like no big deal. The staff sucks but the range is very nice.