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  • Miami Yellow Cab 1735 NE 142nd St, North Miami, FL 33181 (305) 642-6466

    1 stars Posted on 06/30/2012 07:06am

    This is just unbelievable.....!!!!!! I did call this guys at 12:42 because I had to be at Doral at 2:pm for a job interview, and the driver arrived my home at 1:52pm, just few minutes before my interview. But not only that, he (WILLYS GONZALEZ) stopped in front of and suddenly he drove by without me!!!!!!! I was in shock. I can't still believe that. When I was trying to get office manager, everybody, inclusive the receptionist and another man who refused to give me his name or his boss name, rudely mocking me. Telling me that he did not know the name of your boss ..... " What type of company is that?????? Is the owner of that company aware of what's happening in his business?? I highly recommend you do a review of its drivers and employees. I lost my job interview and you a few customers.