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  • Wheel Fun 316 Bus Rt 309, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 (570) 820-7676

    5 stars Posted on 02/17/2009 11:27am

    Have a problem with your bike?? My grandson (kids always have issues ) with his bike . Oh that:s right, There were three issues. He had run into a car with his new aluminum bike . Spent a day in the hospital with a bumped head and bruises. He got out all right but not the bike. He switched one wheel with another bike and continued to ride the aluminum bike. The other bike had a bent rim ( the aluminum wheel) and very poor brakes. Both bikes were taken to Wheel Fun in wilkesbarre, Pa. and repaired at a very reasonable price . Fast service and wonderful people to work with. Over the summer the boy had a third bike which had a flat tire and good shiney wheels . The boy while taking off the wheels on the bike that was running loosened the cones and lost most of the bearings. Now he had no bikes to ride.The aluminum bike was still in the shop while the owner searched for a fork to replace the bent fork . When I returned to nanticoke I took the bike back and they fixed it again and also purchased a new racer for the boy to replace the aluminum bike which we let go. to repair the bike would cost more than the original price of the bike. Again, great service and good advice and good people to work with. I love going there just to visit,. We also bought two cool helmets . I reccomend Wheel Fun in wilksbarre pa. for all your biking needs. ... Ron.