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  • Teddy's Bigger Burgers 539 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734 (808) 262-0820

    5 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 01:54am

    Best Burgers on O'ahu, hands and feet and everything else down.

    This is not a fancy joint-- oh, no this is a classic burger joint with the sweetest classic oldies beach flair.

    Do... Order a burger and fries, or onion rings if you are so inclined, you won't be disappointed. Also get a thick ice cream shake and ask to have it while you're waiting for your order. The shakes are so yum you won't wanna wait and so thick you'll likely be enjoying it still when your order is up so if you want to have your shake with your burger, well there'll be time for that too.

    Don't... Expect fast food speed or prices. But, really that's a o.k. 'cause you'll be so busy enjoying that shake while you wait that you won't even notice. Also, if you want you can split a refillable drink to help off set the cost.

    FYI: Teddy's doesn't have it's own restroom so you'll wanna allow for, you know, when you're gulping down that shake and refillable soda and all, the stroll to the Starbuck's on the corner. And prepare yourself for the wait in line that there is sure to be for the single "this is for Starbuck's patrons ONLY and we see you sneaky- shake- slurping Teddy's customer" bathroom.
  • Willows Restaurant 901 Hausten ST, Honolulu, HI 96826 (808) 952-9200

    5 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 12:51am

    The Willows is an unexpected escape from the congestion of downtown Honolulu. And by unexpected I mean you literally drive down what seems to be a typical city neighborhood on a small side street and then find yourself walking in to a tropical garden that is lush and serene and filled with soothing features like a water fall, rambling stream and bubbling fountains-- oh the fountains, sigh... I do love them so.

    The buffet is amazing and has something for everyone. Really, this is a wonderful place to host a gathering of friends and family just be sure to remember to tell them to come hungry-- like really hungry and oh, also, to wear comfy shoes as the restaurant is best described as a collection of bungalows surrounding a fountain filled courtyard and with the entire buffet housed in one of the dwellings well, you may be up for a bit of a walk to refill your plates. Which really is quite a nice opportunity to stretch in between plates of overflowing yumminess-- if you have on comfy shoes.

    INSIDER TIPS: Come hungry, make reservations and plan on paying for valet parking or allowing for time spent driving around looking for parking. And also don't be freaked out by the neighborhood-- you'll be so incredibly impressed once inside this gem of an eating experience.

  • Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen 119 Hekili St, Kailua, HI 96734 (808) 263-7929

    4 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 12:49am

    So yeah, they're really VERY busy and they know it and they don't do ANYTHING to hide it from ya. And that's how we like it-- right?

    You WILL be waiting for quite a while unless all the stars and cosmic forces align and you get like Las Vegas jackpot kind of lucky.

    You WILL be waiting outside on the concrete with all the other " I rolled the dice and came up short" souls.

    When you do get inside...

    You will be shown to a table that is precariously close to the next table-- but you will take it 'cause the other souls sitting on the sidewalk, and also having just done your own "time" out there on the hard concrete, is a very recent memory and well, you know it just doesn't take much to be grateful for any sort of seat after that.

    You will probably get service that feels along the lines of... "Are you ready to order? How about now? Now?"... and really guys you've had all that time on the sidewalk to consider your options and so, yeah, geesh you WILL be expected to have your menu choices in order.

    Still wanna go?...

    Good, 'cause it's really truly worth it if you order the right things. Skip the lunchy items, Boots and Kimos is open for breakfast and lunch and the menu reflects that. Go for the macadamia nut pancakes and pretty much any one of their omelets. Our favorites are the paniolo omelete with swiss cheese and portugese sausage, the seafood omelet-- hey, that's different, and the corned beef and onion omelet.

    Really, prepare yourself for the downsides, and be sure to order the macadamia nut pancakes and it'll be easy to see why the local's have been going here for years and years and years...

    Actually, I was ready to work here right outta high school, which let's face it was a long long time ago, and let's also face the fact that I was hoping they'd be willing to negotiate payment in the form of mac nut pancakes, but then alas I was accepted to a mainland college and so now I wait in the lines like everyone else hoping for a bit of "home"when I'm visiting Kailua town.

    I'll save a seat for ya on the concrete.

  • Cinnamon's Restaurant 315 Uluniu St, Kailua, HI 96734 (808) 261-8724

    5 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 12:44am

    Go for breakfast and stay all day long trying everything-- unless that seems like too much. =)

    Here's what they have...


    Here's what they don't have...

    A whole lotta space. Read as " there will be a wait to be seated " so go early and be prepared.

    When you go to Cinnamon's you'll find every pancake imaginable, red velvet, guava, carrot cake with a cream cheese topping (oh my yum!) , banana... And they are all so very, very good.

    They also have wonderful fresh fruit, home fries, omelets and the most amazing egg benedict, really. They make their hollandaise sauce from scratch and geesh is it good.

    The service is wonderful, you have to see it for the neighborhood cafe that it is and then you will truly enjoy the fact that " Aunty so and so " is there serving coffee and catching up with her longtime friends and " Uncle so and so " is there with his family having breakfast. It really is the sweetest little spot and really hasn't changed much since I was in high school.

    Probably the best breakfast spot in Kailua, dare I say O'ahu, with a comprehensive menu that seems to be made up of years of lovingly preparing creative dishes from the freshest ingredients.
  • Morton's The Steakhouse 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814 (808) 949-1300

    5 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 12:41am

    When the waiter pulled out the table, yes the whole entire table, so that I, in my little black dress, didn't have to do the whole unlady like" scooch bounce, scooch bounce" thing to get to the center of the half circle booth that we were seated at, well, let's just say I fell madly and deeply in love with Morton's. (Just as an aside... when it became clear that I had to use the little ladies room they came back, those wonderful waiters... sigh, and offered to move the table again-- I declined but giggled at the sweetness).

    The meats here are amazing. As are the desserts. And the drinks. And I know we had salads as good fine dining patrons should but I really couldn't tell ya much about them as I really don't recall a single detail.

    The ambiance is okay, although I couldn't help but feel that for the price I expected a bit more sparkle in the decor, but it is a steakhouse so maybe I just needed to see it from that angle.

    Parking is free and easy as Morton's is a located in the uber upscale section of the Alamoana Shopping Mall

    INSIDER Tip:

    There is a private elevator up to Morton's-- it's just that it's a little tricky to find and I believe it comes out facing the parking garage so even more so you kind of have to know where to look for it so perhaps ask when you call for reservations.

    This is sort of a dining "experience" and with a dinner for two bill that was over $300 dollars, well you really don't wanna rush things, so don't go hungry, or with company you aren't happy to have a long sit with but, do prepare yourself for a good slow meal and enjoy.
  • Liliha Bakery 515 N Kuakini St, Honolulu, HI 96817 (808) 531-1651

    4 stars Posted on 07/15/2012 12:34am

    Okay, okay I know I'm probably the only local girl in all of Hawaii who doesn't just drool over Liliha Bakery's cocoa puffs. Although, it's not them it's me, really-- I'm just not a huge cream puff girl in general.

    But, that aside. You have to try the cocoa puffs-- they really are good. And if you have just a minute or two more you could sit at the old fashioned counter and order true diner style from their menu overflowing with local goodness.

    I love stopping by here just to soak up the energy of what seems to be one of the last true diner's in Hawaii. Oh the good ole days.

    Oh and also this is the perfect, and by perfect I mean really, truly perfect in every way, place to break any carb related fasting. Be careful when you enter as you will most likely not be able to leave with out one of their signature boxes brimming with sugary sweetness. And that, truly is the sweetest thing.
  • Joyful Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant 45-480 Kaneohe Bay Dr Ste D4, Kaneohe, HI 96744 (808) 235-8228

    4 stars Posted on 07/11/2012 11:27am

    So you know I'm in love with Pah ke's up the road right?

    Well, this is our less expensive, although also not as refined flavors wise, go to place for incredible Chinese food. The setting in this place is amazing and makes for such a sweet place to take friends for dinner or lunch or even to host a small to medium sized party in their party room. They really do seem to value their customers here and I have never been disappointed with either the service or the food. We even stopped in one afternoon for the dim sum cart experience and had a blast choosing little plates of steamed dishes right off of the cart that had been rolled table side.

    Eat here. Eat here often.
  • Greek Corner 1025 University Ave, Honolulu, HI 96826 (808) 942-5503

    3 stars Posted on 07/11/2012 11:19am

    So, yeah we are in Hawaii guys and there's so much diversity of people and foods and yeah, there's even Greek food and so it's possible on an easy Hawaiian afternoon to slip into a laid back hole in the wall"ish" joint to savor a "to die for" gyro or two.

    Greek Corner is our go to place for Greek food. It's down the hill from UH and so can get busy at lunch time but we've never had a problem getting a seat and have always found the service to be great.

    Oh, I'm sure there are better settings, I mean we're in Hawaii for pete's sake and Puck's Alley is certainly not the prettiest part of town.

    But this is just one of our faves for a quick Greek salad or gyro or both. And get the baklava-- oh yes do.
  • Kenekes Punaluu Grill 53-138 Kamehameha Hwy, Hauula, HI 96717 (808) 237-1010

    3 stars Posted on 07/11/2012 10:41am

    Good food and lots of it.

    The natural setting up against the mountains in Punalu`u is just breathtaking. Really, if you stop by Keneke's be sure to do yourself the favor of wandering out back the view is so very beautiful.

    This is good plate lunch food. So you can expect a scoop of rice and a side of either mac (macaroni) or tossed salad with the main menu items. They also have cheeseburgers and fries and DAVE's Ice cream-- which makes for a nice little added bonus.

    I am a bit baffled by the ordering window which I guess mimics the tiny little "I'll hunch over and take your order through this mini glassed in box here and you'll stand out there with the noisy traffic to your back" at the original Keneke's which can be found roadside in Waimanalo. Except, the Punalu'u restaurant is a dine in facility and so you walk past half of the sitting area to get to the ordering window which seems just sort of odd. But not as odd as the tables and chairs set up on the roof which on our first visit I thought would be a pretty neat o place to sit and so after looking everywhere for stairs up to what looked like rooftop dining asked and was told no one could go up there and they were actually preparing to put mannequins sitting there as decoration-- odd. Especially considering the beauty of the natural setting.

  • Papa Ole's Kitchen 54-316 Kamehameha Hwy, Hauula, HI 96717 (808) 293-2292

    4 stars Posted on 07/11/2012 01:39am

    Yes and YES!

    This is a local plate lunch joint that is just enough like the plate lunch you grew up with to keep it simply local and with just enough creativity to make it fresh and exciting.

    Our favorites for lunch and dinner are: Pulehu Ribs, Kalbi Ribs, Garlic Chicken and the handmade Cheeseburger. And if you can get it, the cheesecake is so yum in a rustic, cafeteria kind of way, (which may sound like a bit of a put down but I have no such intention-- that cheesecake is so good).

    As far as plate lunch joints go Papa Ole's is a Rock Star. If, in an unassuming kind of way, (It's located in the one and only half vacant strip mall in Hau'ula sandwiched between Dominoe's Pizza and the Post office). But really doesn't that just make it all that much more loveable?