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  • Sun Cleaner 5518 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 461-8400

    3 stars Posted on 10/06/2011 05:05pm

    Solid cleaners. There are quite a few in Los Feliz. I originally went to O Cleaners, and they were the best. But they closed after decades in business when Papa O passed away. So, I had to find a new place, and Sun is quite good! Never have I had anything come back unsatisfactory (except for a winter jacket that shrank but that wasn't her fault - there was some kind of metal material in it that neither of us realized, and she covered the cost). And she's a funny lady to chat with too. And they do next-day service if you twist the arm a bit. Can't complain!
  • Dong Il Jang Restaurant 3455 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 383-5757

    4 stars Posted on 10/06/2011 04:32pm

    Until Dong Il Jang, I was a Korean BBQ naysayer. The stuff I'd had was either super Americanized, or so focused on fatty meat that I had to really psych up my digestive system days in advance. But this place is the real deal. The meats (especially the roast gui) are really fresh and tasty. The sides (banchan), especially the noodles and kimchi that come with the meal, are fresh and flavorful. But for me, it's the dish whose name escapes me -- it's a platter of already pre-stir-fried, bright red-colored meat that is a mix of sweet and spicy, and it's the best.

    Atmosphere is cozy yet lively, just what it should be for the shared, messy, yummy group experience.
  • Son Of A Gun 8370 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 782-9033

    4 stars Posted on 10/06/2011 04:08pm

    This place brings new meaning to the words "Shrimp Toast." Or chicken sandwich, for that matter. Sold to me as a seafood place, it's more like a California tapas place with a seafood slant. Bring a massive appetite, and don't get fancy, because even though the line is out the door and it's hard to get a reservation -- this is a wear-a-bib type place. Not so much because it's not nice, it is, smack in the middle of the Third Street district. But because the food's meant to share, and you will be licking your fingers.

    Absolute musts: Shrimp toast (really more of a buttery grilled sandwich packed with perfectly cooked shrimp in a decadent Russian-type dressing). Fried chicken sandwich (don't doubt, just do it) -- the pickles really make it.

    Also solid is the lobster roll (a mini two-bite version but really succulent) and any of the fish dishes.
  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens 5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 644-4200

    3 stars Posted on 04/27/2011 05:09pm

    The zoo has been under construction for a while due to the new elephant exhibit (finally open, yay!), so I can only give it 3 stars at the moment because of some of the crowding. But overall this is a really nice zoo. The new elephant habitat is huge. The Red Ape Forest (orangutans) is a fantastic space with so many viewing opportunities. The zoo keepers are really knowledgeable and accessible, and they'll come out and do feedings during regular hours. Case in point: the hippo. We saw the hippo's jaws open wide and the zoo keeper dump about a dozen apples down his gullet (one at a time, of course), plus a melon. Pretty cool!

    And I have to give a shout out to the food. Churros and pizza used to be pretty much all you could get. But recently I had a very good -- and healthy -- grilled chicken sandwich with good fries. For not that expensive. Makes a big difference!

    Yes, some of the exhibits are a bit dated. But overall this is a well kept, nice zoo with a lot of great animals who seem to be happy enough to be relatively active when folks are visiting.
  • Boston Common Frog Pond Boylston Street and Charles Street, Boston, MA 02112 (617) 635-2120

    5 stars Posted on 12/10/2010 12:46pm

    This rink is so cute. It's small, but even when it's crowded it feels really peaceful and cozy. Boston Common has such a zen feel to it, yet all the city lights and buildings and action are towering around you. It's hard for a place to feel intimate and small-town right in the middle of the big city, but somehow this place does. And, they serve cocoa. A must for making memories for any age.
  • Dresden Restaurant & Lounge 1760 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 665-4294

    4 stars Posted on 11/19/2010 05:22pm

    You have to go at least once to experience the lovable train wreck that is Marty and Elayne. And if you can get her to do it, Elayne's version of Muscrat Love is cray-cray, as she makes the little animal sounds. The key is to get there early so you get a seat on the side of the place where the piano is. Otherwise you'll be standing a long time. Or you'll be relegated to the super old-school dining room, with the huge white leather booths that make you look over your shoulder like the Godfather's going to walk in any moment. The food honestly is not good. Go for a drink and the show.
  • East Coast Grill & Raw Bar 1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 491-6568

    5 stars Posted on 11/19/2010 05:16pm

    Some of the best seafood, and best cooking in general, in the area. It's pricey, so best for a special occasion, but the food is that good. And hello, raw bar! What's cool about East Coast though is the vibe. For a kind of pricey place, it's super casual and really boisterous -- on par for Cambridge.
  • Redbones Barbecue 55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 628-2200

    4 stars Posted on 11/19/2010 05:13pm

    Not sure if it eclipses Blue Ribbon, but for the northeast, this is pretty darn good barbecue, especially on a cold night. The pulled pork and hush puppies are the stars. For the very best experience, sit at the little bar in front of the cooks on the top floor!
  • Village Book Store 81 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561 (603) 444-5263

    5 stars Posted on 11/18/2010 11:55am

    With family in the area, I used to visit this bookstore every summer. Love it, it's a tradition! They have a really eclectic collection of books, and their staff picks are excellent. But the best is the downstairs, which is part toy store. Got my first Mexican jumping beans there! Go in and you'll find yourself browsing for a very relaxing hour.