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  • Price Chopper (800) 666-7667

    1 stars Posted on 09/15/2009 08:06am

    The Price Chopper in Platte CIty, MO 64079 has allowed he worst grocer to start a Price Chopper, I guess Price Chopper has gone to the bottom of the barrel. Bresette is not a good grocer they serve out of date food and have no good Management practices. I no longer shop there, I just have to drive a few miles for better customer service and product to Hyvee where you can expect fresh meat and food. I found the same dog food .20 cents per can at HyVee, just for a start. At Price Chopper in Platte City check the date on the meat they sell it is only a day or two out of expiration.

    I know that Price Chopper dropped the Chiefs as a sponser and going down hill in allowing this grocer to be part of the chain.
  • Jeff's True Value Hardware 2300 Kentucky Avenue, Platte City, MO 64079 (816) 858-2414

    4 stars Posted on 04/25/2009 08:40am

    Although this store has a small selection they are very helpful and nice unlike Ranch and Home n Running Horse. This Eggen's True Value is the complete opposite, Nice and helpful, just small selection. They also have a rental center and will Fill you portable propane tank cheap, or cheaper than the exchange program at local grocery stores.