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  • Earl Abel's Restaurant 1201 Austin Hwy Ste 175, San Antonio, TX 78209 (210) 822-3358

    5 stars Posted on 01/27/2011 07:41pm

    I havn't been to Texas since 1968 but I am so happy to know that Earl Abel's Restaurant is still in operation! I worked there briefly in 1968 before my Military husband was deployed to Vietnam. I believe the World's Fair was just down the road and we did a bustling business. I absolutely loved working there. The people were great, the food was fantastic and it was about the nicest restaurant I had been to. I left employment abruptly when the Hostess brought me a party of 15 to wait on. I could bearly stand the smell of food because I was newly pregnant and was having morning sickness. All these years later I still have fond memories of working there and even remember the names of some of the other employees. Tonight I found my old name tag and a menu from 1968 which prompted me to google Earl Abel's.

    I have lived in California all these years - but I have never forgotten what a great place Earl Abel's was, and looks like still is. If I ever return to Texas, I will definitely put Earl Abels' on my route. Stay in business!!!

    Laurie Akin (Spangler)

    Woodland, CA.