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  • Village Lakes 500 W Airport Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773 (407) 322-9104

    1 stars Posted on 07/24/2013 11:03pm

    I lived here for 1 and a half years because it's what I could afford at the time. I moved out in 10/2012 due to health issues caused by the apartment and not getting anything properly fixed. There is black mold growing in the ac vents which I took a home test and showed them (petri dishes) Their answer was that Mold is in Florida, deal with it. Then I started actually getting floods. First from a window leak (twice same window) then from my hot water heater breaking, then a broken water pipe UNDER my bedroom (3 times!) Yes I finally broke my lease with their permission (paper signed) because the apartment was no longer livable. I found out during the time of living there that the underground leak had happened before I moved in as well. That explains the mold in the vents. All the times I kept going in the office showing them how sick I was getting from the apartment they treated me like the crazy lady next door and would sush me with a maintenance order. I tried to get people to come look at the place. Everyone wanted lots of money, so my hands were tied. Just be glad they let me move out. Well here it is almost a year later and I still have immune issues and allergies to include food (FOREVER)Yes, can be triggered by Mold. and I am unable to rent anywhere else. You know why? Because they say I owe them $801.00 in damages and it's on my credit report. No I did not trash the place. I just didn't clean, replace blinds, stove burner wells and their flooded carpet. There is more to this, like ac freezing up and causing my electric bill to reach well over 100 for an 867 sq ft place, but those were my biggest complaints. I cannot believe how much of an impact a S#*Thole place like this has been on my life! I thought it was just a stepping stone. It was quicksand!