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  • Dave's Best Limousine Service 5915 Harbison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135 (800) 255-2378

    1 stars Posted on 07/15/2013 10:44am

    DO NOT USE DAVE'S EVER!!!! The trip from Philadelphia to JFK was un eventful. The driver was friendly and courteous. No Problem. After arriving on a 6 hr flight from Europe we called and the same driver picked us up in 45 minutes. +++. BUT, Then as we were getting on the Verrazano Bridge the transmission failed. We moved about 5 mph accross the bridge. Then there was a bang and it was okay. Next stop, Newark. Listening to the driver chat to dispatch and other drivers we hear that the driver reported transmission on this Van and it was never fixed. the Owner told the driver to just shut it off for a few minutes and it should be fine. Sounds right , right? The problem got worse!

    In order to move on the turnpike the driver had to keep trans in 2nd gear to go 20 mph. we finally pulled into rest area and had to wait over 1:45 minutes for next shuttle. we were packed in. The new driver drove like a maniac. Then we were then told we would be split up in Trevose, PA. After we arrived we had to wait again. The banter between the driver and the driver we waiting for was appalling, The driver who we were waiting for says who cares what customers want they will just have to take what we give them. Our driver told the other driver we heard that and the banter stopped Finally 6 1/2 hours later we arrived home, naturally last.